Domino's movie DVD temps you with pizza smell after movie is done

In recent years, companies like Apple have tried to get us to believe that no one uses DVDs anymore, even going as far as eliminating the DVD drive in its shiniest Macbook Pro to prove the point. But not only are many people around the world still using DVDs, some clever marketing types are still coming up with interesting new ways to harness the removable media to promote their brands.

The latest example comes from Domino's pizza via Brazilian creative agency Artplan. In partnership with 10 local video rental stores, Domino's printed special labels with flavored varnish on movie discs including Argo, James Bond, and The Dark Knight. As the discs heat up, the label's movie title is gradually replaced with an image of a pizza. And, once the movie is over and the disc is removed from the player, the user is also treated to the smell of fresh pizza along with the message: "Did you enjoy the movie? The next one will be even better with a hot and delicious Domino's Pizza."

And while this may seem like a simplistic, almost crude way to promote a brand, the truth is that pizza lovers (myself included) are pretty susceptible to even the faintest whiff of the late night treat. So, in this case, Domino's is harnessing relatively mundane tech to achieve what is actually a pretty strong branding signal to potential customers. You can see how the promotion works in the video below.

Via AdAge

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