Sergey Brin hints at image stabilization in Google Glass update

Google's annual innovation-focused I/O developer conference kicked off yesterday with the unveiling of several cool new applications and an interesting speech from co-founder Larry Page. But contrary to the excitement building around Google Glass, the event spent very little time promoting the wearable device, opting instead to focus on software projects like the new Google Maps.

However, one attendee managed to catch Glass project leader and Google co-founder Sergey Brin in the lobby and got him to reveal what's next for Glass. During an impromptu discussion with SlashGear's editor-in-chief Vincent Nguyen, in the middle of a crowd of other I/O attendees, the issue of speaking to someone while wearing Glass came up. In short, because the Glass camera is attached to your head, any movement — such as nodding your head in acknowledgement of the other person's conversational point — results in a dizzying wobble effect that could make the final footage almost unwatchable.

While Brin would not offer an exact date regarding the addition to image stabilization on Glass, he did say, "stayed tuned, we might have some software that helps you out [with that issue]." You can watch the specific comment regarding the upcoming feature here, or see the full exchange in the video below. (Be sure to crank up the volume. As you will see, audio recorded from Google Glass isn't very loud.)

Via SlashGear

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