Robo creepy: Gecko-style flying robot attaches itself to walls

It seems like almost every month a new kind of drone is revealed that offers yet another strange and boundary-pushing development in the field of aerial robotics. A research group has posted the results of a new kind of flying robot that features a mechanism that could make it the ultimate spy tool.

Developed at Laboratory of Intelligent Systems, a branch of the European École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne in Switzerland, the AirBurr is a flying robot that was specifically designed to efficiently traverse cluttered environments, such as the aftermath of a disaster. A new addition to the AirBurr now gives the robot the ability to fly into a room and, much like a gecko, attach itself to a wall and act as a remote monitoring outpost. While perched, the AirBurr also shuts its engines down, thus preserving battery power for further exploration.

And while the idea and execution looks great, the one flaw is that the video doesn't show whether or not the robot has the ability to detach itself from the wall and then attach itself to another surface, a vital feature if the mechanism is to live up to the vision outlined by its creators. You can see the AirBurr in action in the video below.

Via Adafruit

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