Bing unveils interactive Star Trek search results

According to metrics firm comScore, Microsoft's search engine Bing currently accounts for about 25.6 percent of search results in the U.S., a sign that Google's stranglehold on search may be slipping. Now, in a bid to increase the search engine's cool factor, Bing has unveiled an interactive search Easter egg that will particularly appeal to fans of Star Trek.

Currently, if you type in the term, "beam me up" on the home page, you'll be transported, with the same iconic sounds and visual effects of Star Trek's transporter room, to a new page with animations of the Enterprise and interactive links to Star Trek trivia. The links also lead to other Bing sites that feature detailed imagery of the latest version of the starship Enterprise as well as its command bridge room.

This latest bit of Star Trek powered tech follows yesterday's announcement of the Klingon to Bing Translator in conjunction with the search engine's tie-up with the new Star Trek Into Darkness movie.

Via SearchEngineLand

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