TNT, TBS first major networks to offer 24/7 live streaming online

A couple of years ago, I watched an NBA game on TNT's website and I remember thinking, "This is incredible. Why can't they do this for all their programming?" Well, today Turner's TNT and TBS networks just announced that they will indeed begin streaming all programming live online later this year.

The announcement makes TNT and TBS the first major television networks in the U.S. to offer all its programming online for live streaming, a move that could serve as a milestone for the television industry and is likely to encourage other networks to follow suit.

Currently, the two networks have mobile apps for iOS, Android, and the Kindle, but a quick look at the ratings and reviews of the apps hints that users are less than satisfied with the network's mobile app experience. However, if the network's Web streaming lives up to the quality of the NBA broadcast I mentioned, then most viewers will be more than satisfied with the experience.

And while the move by Turner is definitely groundbreaking, it comes with a catch: In order to watch the streams, viewers will need to be subscribed to a cable provider, just as they would need to be if watching the networks on a normal television. The live streams will be available at and in the next few months.

Via Deadline

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