Concept video shows how future apps will power Google Glass

Now that Google Glass has filtered out to thousands of early adopters, there's little mystery left in terms of how the device works. The only questions left seem to revolve around whether society will accept the device as readily as it has smartphones, and what apps might power such a revolution. One creative agency decided to take what we now know about Glass and extrapolate forward to envision apps that will likely show up in the coming months.

Created by Toronto's Playground Inc., the concept video titled "The future of Google Glass: Visualizing beyond limitations," offers a well-produced vision of a number of possible future applications for the device. The video takes us through everyday scenarios that include concept Glass apps for fitness training, comparison shopping with label scanning, interactive advertising that allows you to order the item featured, on-the-go taxi location services, live sports updates, and even musical instrument training.

But the most interesting part of the video shows how the device could be used to dial 911 upon discovering an emergency situation. Imagine such an app if an entire city's population wore Glass. Given the ease of reporting what you see, the 911 services of most municipalities would likely be overwhelmed in short order.

Nevertheless, while appearing very futuristic, every concept app shown in the video is absolutely possible, so, depending upon the final commercial price and the social reaction to the technology, this video could simply be a preview of real life. You can watch the entire concept presentation in the video below.

Playground Inc., via Technabob

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