This attachment gives your iPhone messages a sense of smell

Credit: Diginfo

Equipping our mobile gadgetry with anything other than visual and touch sensory features has proven to be something of a challenge, even for the most innovative hardware makers. But now a Japanese firm has unveiled a new device that could finally open up the world of smartphones to yet another sense: smell.

The Scentee is an attachment that connects to the iPhone and delivers specific smells that can be associated with emails and text messages. For instance, you can send a "relaxing" smell to a friend who you know is tired. In addition to messaging, the company also envisions the device being used as a way to enhance gaming, and to push that effort they are releasing an SDK for game developers looking to include olfactory bells and whistles to their mobile games.

At present, the device attaches to the iPhone's docking port, but another version, scheduled for release in September, will connect the device to the headphone jack. The company also plans to offer a version of the Scentee for Android devices in the near future. You can see the Scentee in action in the video below.

Via Diginfo

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