Artist builds elaborate sculptures inside old TVs

Credit: Zhang Xiangxi

Zhang Xiangxi is a Chinese artist who studied at the Guangzhou Academy of Fine Art. He uses old television sets with cathode ray tubes (CRT) to make miniature models of interior spaces. It sounds a lot like a middle school project, but these dioramas are so carefully built and arranged that it looks like you're really peering into someone's house.

And that's partly true. You'll find everything from a replica of his parents' living room to a typical train car — all tucked carefully inside CRT TV sets. Xiangxi says, "I like to closely observe daily life and work out how to make things." If the TVs are just sitting around anyway, why not recycle them for the sake of art?

Click through a sample of Xiangxi's CRT TV creations in the gallery below. Have you ever repurposed old tech in your house?

Via My Modern Met

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