Real-time map shows what is being edited on Wikipedia right now

Unregistered Wikipedia editors are tracked by their IP address. This provides a fairly accurate geographic location for that individual and can be used to plot where edits are happening around the world.

Only about 15 percent of the English language Wikipedia editors are unregistered, so this is just a small percentage of the edits taking place at any given time. It's still fun to see where various editors are located and what they take an interest in updating for readers.

The image above is a snapshot of unregistered Wikipedia edits at a point in time — pretty neat. Click here to view the actual map — in real-time — for an idea of where editors are located. The last time I peeked at the map, someone in Russia was working on the Shadow Knights page.

You can also view the unregistered editors working on German, Russian, Japanese, Spanish, French and Indonesian language pages.

Via Hatnote

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