Google image search reveals playable old school Atari game

Over the years, folks at Google have earned a reputation for pulling good natured tech-powered pranks, often by embedding some sort of Easter egg within the functions of its search engine website. The latest surprise from Google offers search engine users the ability to play a video game throwback classic, just by entering a search term.

Discovered this week, the Easter egg is revealed by simply typing in "Atari breakout" in the image search portion of the Google search page. After the images are displayed, they then transform into an online version of the old school game, allowing you to control the cursor with either your mouse or the left and right keys on your keyboard. If you make it past the first screen, the game automatically enters news searches, like puppies, or mac and cheese, and fills up the blocks with new shaded images of the search terms for you to destroy with the video game's cursor.

The game even includes a high score page that provides a link in case you want to share your score with friends. Google hasn't made it clear why it picked this game to show off, but according to some gaming enthusiasts, the move was made to commemorate the 37th anniversary of the launch of Atari's Breakout.

Via Pocket-lint

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