Detroit's official Robocop statue finally revealed

Credit: Imagination Station

Detroit might be one of the biggest failures of municipal management of a major city in the U.S. to date, but the city still has pride in one of its most famous movie icons: Robocop. To that end, a local non-profit group launched a Kickstarter campaign to build a statue of the famous super cop to help boost the city's spirits.

Now, almost two years later, an early model of the statue has been revealed, and it looks awesome. The group, called Imagination Station, originally wanted to raise $50,000 for the statue's construction, but ultimately ended up raising over $67,000. Helped along with the assistance of sculptor Fred Barton, the 10-foot tall statue is now finally ready to be cast in bronze.The group hasn't given a firm date for the placement of the statue, but it's set to be installed at Wayne State University's TechTown campus.

And while having a giant cyborg cop looking over the city won't magically turn things around for the blighted and economically challenged region, it will at least offer some hope for local die-hards determined to stick it out in the city. You can see more images of the statue from all angles here.

Via The Verge

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