Concept treadmill gamifies running with semi-virtual reality

Credit: Il-Seop Yoon

The average treadmill might not be what you conjure up when you think of "modern" technology. They're clunky, outdated monotonous machines that are a poor second to going on a real run with a friend. But they may not be that way for long.

The Voyager, a concept designed by Il-Seop Yoon, plans to bring treadmills into the 21st century. Equipped with a massive screen and some very cool social applications, the Voyager promises a highly immersive running experience.

There are three basic modes to choose from: travel, sports and game. In travel mode, users can choose any roadway or path they wish, from the streets of New York to the paths between the Coastal Redwoods of California. All the while, runners will get a full suite of metrics to gauge their progress. Sports mode allows for a social running experience. Friends with a Voyager of their own can appear ahead or behind you upon the same track. Cameras on each Voyager unit create real-time images of your friends as they run along with you.

Game mode offers an entirely different experience. A suite of apps and programs allows you to physically take part in game, such as an endless runner-type game like Temple Run. Create your avatar, jump into the treadmill and design your own running experience.

With touchscreen technology, voice control and a motion-controlled remote, the Voyager sure has a lot of bells and whistles. If, in the future, it is to become a reality, it sure looks like it will be a pricey addition to any home gym. But for those who truly love running but can't abide the monotony of a standard treadmill, it might be an investment well worth the price.

Via Behance

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