Watch Earth change before your eyes in this timelapse map

Talk about an epic timelapse: Earth over 28 years. Using satellite images of Earth — trillions of pixels worth — from 1984 to 2012, Earth Engine, a project from Google, the U.S. Geological Survey, NASA and TIME, is a zoomable timelapse map anyone can use.

To get you started, Google has highlighted some notable examples that showcase some of Earth's more drastic changes, including the deforestation of the Amazon, Las Vegas' explosive growth and the creation of Dubai's artificial islands.

Hong Kong is another fascinating view. In three seconds, we witness the construction of a world-class airport from start to finish. The city broke ground on a new airport in 1991, including the construction of an artificial island measuring more than 3,000 acres. It was simultaneously expanding its rail network to connect the airport to the city.

Give it a try for yourself. See how your hometown has changed during this period, or look up a city that fascinates you. This will provide hours of entertainment — at least.

Via Google

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