Space karaoke: Astronaut records epic music video aboard the ISS

We've been following the exploits of astronaut Chris Hadfield for months now, detailing many of his insights into living in space, from the mundane to the fantastic. As his time aboard the International Space Station (ISS) comes to an end, Hadfield decided to leave us with a parting shot that could go down as one of the coolest musical moments in history.

Floating around the ISS with an acoustic guitar in hand, Hadfield launches into a modified version of David Bowie's "Space Oddity" that actually sounds pretty good musically and comes across surprisingly cool in terms of visuals. With help from a few friends back on Earth, Hadfield delivers an incredibly professional looking music video that serves as the perfect ending to his journey through space.

Now, after five months of teaching us about the rigors of living in zero gravity, Hadfield is scheduled to land in Kazakhstan later today. You can watch the landing via live stream here, and you can see the full ISS musical performance in the video below.

Via Chris Hadfield

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