Nike installation turns your body into animated digital art

Over the years, Nike has carved out a reputation as one of the elites when it comes to creative innovative branding experiments. The latest in the company's series of bleeding-edge forays into interactive promotions allows you to use your entire body to create what might be considered living art.

Created by U.K.-based interactive design firm Universal Everything, the Nike Flyknit 'Fit' Installation was recently debuted at Milan Design Week. The four-sided video cube allows visitors to watch their movements become mirrored through life-sized multicolored lighting patterns.

Facilitated by an array of Mac minis and controlled through Microsoft Kinect devices and openFrameworks code, the installation is a kind of live-action version of some of Nike's body-as-design illustrations of the past. You can see Nike's interactive art installation in action in the videos below.

Via Amusement

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