Hack gives Google Glass powerful facial recognition technology

Credit: Google

The time has come, folks. Google Glass (with a little hacker help) can now recognize who its pointed at just by the features of their face. A lot of people have been wondering about the ramifications of such a convergence. Ready or not, here it is.

But facial recognition is just the beginning of what this program has to offer. Initially designed to aid busy hospital staff, the facial recognition hack is actually part of a "Glassware" app called MedRef for Glass. The idea behind it is to give medical staff a heads-up display of a patient's medical history and charts simply by looking at the person.The charts are added to Glass's timeline and contain such pertinent information as allergies, patient-specific notes and the like, all of which can be called up by voice.

Developed by Lance Nanek and his team, MedRef for Glass is currently open source and in development. You can check out the code here and see what the team's progress thus far looks like in the video below.

Via Youtube

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