Friendly robots let you know if you smell bad

Credit: Asahi Shimbun

If given the choice, wouldn't you rather hear that you stink from a robot instead of, you know, a co-worker or a date? Thanks to the Kitakyushu National College of Technology and Japanese company CrazyLab, that is now an option available to you.

This team has created two different and equally hilarious odor-detecting robots. The first one, named Kaori, looks like a woman and she will sniff your breath and rank its rankness for you. If she says, “There’s an emergency taking place that’s beyond the limit of my patience,” you better find some mints in a hurry. The other model resembles a dog and it senses foot odor. If your feet only kind of smell, the dogbot growls, if you really offend, it will appear to pass out and "play dead."

So if you're overly sensitive about your natural scent, you no longer have to wait for a brave/rude friend to step up and hand you a bar of soap and some deodorant. You could also shower more, though; that's another option. 

A video of the odor-sniffing robots can be found here.

Asahi Shimbun (Japanese), via MSN and BBC

(Image credit: Asahi Shimbun)

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