Crazy German invents zombie-killing M16 crossbow

Credit: Joerg Sprave

So you've survived the first wave of the zombie apocalypse thanks to your survival bunker. Cool. But now your bunker has been overrun and the only gun you were able to save — your M16 assault rifle — is out of bullets. Crap.

Most folks might panic in the situation above, but not good ol' Joerg Sprave, host of The Slingshot Channel. This man was born ready for such an eventuality, and he's proven it by constructing a crossbow from spare M16 parts. The result is a quiet, deadly-accurate bolt-slinging machine straight out of Daryl Dixon's dreams.

Wearing a blood-spattered shirt, Sprave goes over the finer details of his "unregulated in Germany, so (sic) totally legal to own" crossbow. The protective housing for the rubber band used to propel his ammunition also doubles as a silencer. Throw a Zippo hand warmer in there and you'll keep the rubber healthy through the zombie-infested winter too.

Sprave is by no means done with his new toy either. He has plans for a multi-firing version as well. We'll keep you posted on his progress. For now, check out the video below to see Sprave split an oak board (and his aluminum arrow) with this awesome thing.

Via Youtube