Airport sleeping pods let you catch a few ZZZs between flights

Most airports are terrible places to try and kill a few hours when you're tired. Sure you can find a restaurant or bar to while away the hours if you're awake, but most airport seats are about as useful as a church pew if you want to get a little rest.

These sleeping pods at the Abu Dhabi Airport look like a dream solution if you want to get away from it all between connections. The chair folds out into a flat bed, and a roll over cover will shield you from noise and the prying eyes of passing travellers. Inside the pod you can either tune out, or use the incorporated Internet access and screen to get online. They even have a bunch of outlets so you can use and charge your own devices.

At around $13 per hour, a few hours in the GoSleep pods adds up pretty fast, especially for a place that lacks the gee-whiz factor of some of Abu Dhabi's other hotels. Still I'm sure many travellers will find them to be a welcome refuge.

Abu Dhabi Airports Company, via Daily Mail


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