Video: Concept shows what Apple's iOS 7 might look like

Ever since the firing of long time Apple software chief Scott Forstall, the primary force behind the skeuomorphic designs in iOS, many have wondered what the next version of the iPhone's operating system will look like.

Now that celebrated Apple hardware designer Jony Ive is in charge of the company's software interfaces, some are expecting a radically transformed look for the upcoming iOS 7 release. Ive is known for his love of simplicity, clean lines, and stark modernism, so the consensus thinking is that the look of iOS 7 will be flatter and somehow offer a more stripped down look and feel.

Following these clues, Ireland-based designer Philip Joyce decided to produce a concept video detailing his vision of the rumored changes to Apple's mobile operating system. The well-produced video is comprehensive in that it shows off possible changes to the home screen, Siri, and Calendar. Personally, while I have no particular love for Forstall's old school skeuomorphic approach, if Ive's iOS 7 looks anything like this concept video, I think such a design shift might make the iPhone look a little too much like its Android competitors.

According to some reports, the new version of iOS could debut as soon as summer. In the meantime, you can check out Joyce's concept take in the video below.

Via TheNextWeb

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