Huggies Tweetpee connects your baby's diaper to the Internet

If you think that your parents showing people your baby pictures is embarrassing, imagine how mortifying it might be if they could show off Twitter messages detailing your first tinkle into a diaper. That's the goal of a new concept device being shown off by the Brazil division of Huggies.

Called TweetPee, the concept device is a clip-on humidity sensor that would send an alert tweet to the parent when the baby's diaper needs changing. There's even a dedicated TweetPee website that shows off an interactive model of the device as well as a diagram of how it would work with smartphones. Alas, according to a statement released by Huggies, the company has no plans to develop the device into a real product for commercial use. Nevertheless, it does offer a practical and exceedingly cute way for parents to keep track of their baby's mobile bathroom breaks.

Interestingly, this latest concept seems to closely mirror the Smart Diaper, a similar concept presented last year by Melissa Lagomarsino and Kavita Saney. We're not sure if there is any connection, but the release of two such concepts in recent months indicates that the child rearing market may indeed be ready for such a tech-powered system.

You can see the TweetPee and the Smart Diaper concepts in action in the videos below.

Via Adweek

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