Video: Google Glass how-to shows off how the device works

After months of hype, spurred on by brief glimpses of whatGoogle Glass looks like and hints at how it operates, the team behind the product has finally released a video that shows off exactly how the cutting-edge device really works.

Although a number of Glass Explorer members have now posted unboxing videos and uploaded photos from the newly available device, this is the first simple and comprehensive video that offers a detailed example of how the device's interface functions during normal use. The how-to shows us how the Glass side touch panel takes finger swipes and taps and translates those movements into specific functions.

Also revealed in the video is just how easy it is to share your photos and video with friends, a dynamic that is so seamless it almost makes the device seem more like a Trojan horse into social media than a data consumption tool.However, as some commenters have noted, if you happen have 100 or more social media friends, the swiping motions on Glass could quickly become tedious and rather impractical.

Nevertheless, the device has finally arrived and, for the vast majority of us not enrolled in the Glass Explorer program, we can now can see, up close, what really makes Glass tick. You can check out the demo in the video below.

Via Google

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