Video: Astronaut demos the proper use of a space barf bag

We all know that when astronauts travel to space they don't suddenly become super human and lose the need to perform certain mundane bodily functions just like us back on Earth. But one generally infrequent bodily function — that is, barfing — could present a challenge in a zero gravity environment.

Thanks to our old friend Chris Hadfield, we now have an answer as to how this is done in space. Answering a question broadcast to his perch aboard the International Space Station (ISS), Canadian Space Agency astronaut Hadfield demonstrates, with great dramatic flare, how to deploy and use a space barf bag when the need arises.

Essentially, the space barf bag is nothing more than a more durable Ziplock-style bag with an attached towel to wipe the yuck from your face once you're done. You can see the video of the demonstration from the ISS in the video below. As always, it's fascinating stuff.


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