NASA photos reveal Curiosity hard at work on the surface of Mars

Creating mosaics from NASA's photos taken by the Mars Curiosity rover has become something of an art form, as space fans continuously outdo themselves by posting ever more stunning visual tapestries. A new set of photos have been uploaded that look so otherworldly they bring to mind images of a sci-fi film rather than the actual surface of the Red Planet.

Cobbled together by Ken Kremer and Marco Di Lorenzo, the new panoramic imagery was culled from 40 images shot in January by the Mars Curiosity rover at the John Klein drill site. After you get over the sheer alien-ness of the landscape, you'll also notice Mars' Mt. Sharp looming in the red-tinted background.

In an interview with, Kremer said that the mosaics show "the context for each spot where the rover is toiling away — compared to individual frames that just give a rather narrow view and incomplete experience… The wide view lets you experience Mars as if you were standing on the Red Planet's surface — and from the human perspective."

Aside from the above image, you can get another look at the new imagery in the gallery below.


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