Introducing the world's first full color desktop 3D printer

Credit: botObjects

While wandering about the "Inside 3D Printing Expo" a week ago, the we were struck by something: the lack of color. Well, not color per se, since every 3D printed object out there is printed in one color or another. Rather, we were struck at the lack of "real" color, especially when it came to the world of desktop 3D printers. The closest thing we found to what you might think of as a color printer was the 3DSystems Projet 1000. And while the Projet does print in up to six colors, you're still quite limited in how you can use them.

But now, hot on the heels of the 3D printing expo, a new company has popped up with a real solution to our color printing woes. Introducing botObjects and their state-of-the-art desktop printer: the ProDesk3D. This sleek new 3D printer does something that is at once brilliant and mundane. It prints in all the colors of the rainbow, just like your average desktop "2D" printer, but in glorious three dimension.

It does this in much the same way that we are accustomed to from a traditional printer: by merging the colors of its cartridges to achieve the proper result. Brilliant. The ProDesk3D also looks very user-friendly and intuitive when compared with other lower-end 3D printers out there.

There's no word yet on pricing, but we figure that such an easy to use, cutting edge 3D printer just might command a pretty penny or two. We'll keep you posted on that once these bad boys hit the shelves.

botObjects, via Inhabitat

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