Carbon fiber trike concept sports inflatable bubble carriage

Credit: Andrea Filogonio

The Bemoove concept car by Italian designer Andrea Filogonio was designed specifically with city folks in mind. Can't you just see it zipping around New York?

A small hatch acts as the entrance to the inflatable cabin, which has a unique spherical shape that allows for unobstructed 360-degree views. The tricycle component is made of carbon fiber and each wheel has an electric engine that rotates frame-embedded Kevlar belt tires.

Overall, the Bemoove is compact, lightweight and eye-catching — it also looks like a fun way to enjoy a short trip around town. It really is a shame that Filogonio's design is only a concept. We can definitely see this supplementing the whole Central Park carriage ride thing, or acting as a great rent-a-car option for visitors who want to tour the city in private and also enjoy optimal views.

Michelin Challenge Design, via Yanko Design

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