Softbank CEO claims patent on key Google Glass technology

Earlier today, Softbank CEO Masayoshi Son tweeted out a link to the English-subtitled version of his epic two-hour speech outlining his vision for the next 30 years of technology. Son's speech is filled with a number of prognostications regarding science and technology (in many cases, about things that already exist). However, one major future tech vision he claims to have a patent on may hit a snag, due to the fact that Google Glass already exists.

During the presentation, Son says he doesn't want to be a seen as merely a futurist, or science fiction movie director or novelist, he wants to actually make the future he envisions. To that end, around the one hour and twenty minute mark, Son mentions a future in which special glasses will enable users to view language translations instantly. He calls the invention "Translation Eyeglasses with Captions," and, with a confident smile, claims to have a patent on the technology.

There's just one problem, Google has already shown off this exact product and functionality via its Glass preview video and during a SXSW presentation. We're not clear what differences there may be in Son's proposed translation glasses, and whether or not his patent will affect Google Glass, but, assuming his claims aren't all bluster, this could put other would-be smart glass makers on notice regarding including a translation feature in upcoming products.

You can watch the entire two-hour presentation, which includes a new Softbank commercial promoting future tech on the company's website.

Via Softbank

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