Renault concept car puts you in a neon LED cocoon from the future

Concept cars are often an automobile company's vision of what might be possible if all practical considerations were dashed and imagination ruled the day. But sometimes a concept car comes along that not only offers a vision of the future, but is actually something we can see rolling down the streets of tomorrow. Such is the case with Renault's latest concept car, the Twin'Z.

Created by British industrial designer Ross Lovegrove, the car is part of Renault's exhibition for the Triennale Design Week in Milan. Looking like something out of a black light and LED dream scenario, the Twin'Z was designed to evoke what Lovegrove calls "liquid, organic, human architecture." In terms of its visual DNA, the car is also evocative of Nike's organic-lines-meets-neon running shoes.

The electric-powered mini also features a re-imagined dashboard that completely eliminates the traditional set-up in favor of a single mini-tablet that controls the vehicle's heating, seat adjustments, light activation, and roof, in conjunction with a smartphone-like device mounted in the driver's field of vision.

You can take a closer look at the Twin'Z in the gallery and the video below.

Via Renault

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