Geodesic dome resembles a C240 molecule

Architects Kristoffer Tejlgaard and Benny Jepsen built a geodesic dome back in 2012 for Denmark's Roskilde Festival. Tejlgaard and Jepsen wanted to "imitate nature" and optimize resources with this quirky structure. Modeled after a carbon 240 molecule, the aerodynamic design holds large groups while using comparatively few construction materials and reducing energy usage.

It only took the team eight days to complete construction on the plywood structure and another four days of music and partying at Roskilde to mess up the paint job. So, artists from Ultragr√łn were brought in to give the dome a makeover. You'll see the before-and-after images in the gallery below.

A CNC machine was used to cut the plywood efficiently, allowing for the most strength and flexibility. You definitely want to watch the timelapse video to see how this large-scale, multi-purpose model of a molecule came to be from start to finish.

Behance and YouTube, via Inhabitat

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