Eye+ gives everyone a room with a fantastic view

Eye+ gives everyone a room with a great view
Credit: EyePlus

What do you see out your window? A boring building next door? A lawn or sidewalk or driveway that needs mowing or raking or shoveling, depending on the season? Do you even have a window in your room?

Instead of whatever you're forced to look at, including a blank wall, how'd you like a spectacular vista of the Golden Gate Bridge instead? How about a bucolic lake? The woods on a snowy evening? Some palm tree-filled idyllic south Pacific island beach? Beneath the sea by a coral reef? High above one of the great cities of the world? On the rim of the Grand Canyon?

You can experience all these land- or seascapes if you hang an Eye+ or EyePlus (it's spelled both ways) HDTV or two on a wall. However you spell it, Eye+ is a 46-inch LED LCD HDTV that plays special scenic videos. Around the bezel are optical sensors that track where you are in relation to the screen. So, as you look out the Eye+ "window," the video shifts perspective depending on where you're standing to make it seem as if you're looking out a real window at a real realistic view.

But a video is worth a million words

Check out this video of what Eye+ can do for a room sans a view:

I presume each of the Eye+ videos, which come loaded on a USB thumb drive, run in a loop. If you tire of one particular view, simply switch to another.

The sensors and built-in microphones can even be used for remote security. Eye+ can be monitored and controlled tvia an iOS or Android app (not yet available).

Eye+ windows/HDTVs can be hung vertically (portrait) or horizontally (landscape), singly or in pairs and are available with multiple virtual "panes." They also work as regular TVs — presumably when hung horizontally.

How much? Don't know

The Eye+ is made by an Italian company, and its website doesn't offer many clues about cost or even if Eye+ sets will be available in the U.S. According to the website, the Eye+ TVs are equipped with European DVB-T/C broadcast tuners, not U.S.-based ATSC. We've asked them to clear up these and other questions but we haven't heard back.

But considering my own claustrophobic Manhattan box laughingly referred to as an apartment, I wouldn't mind hanging one of these beauties on one of my windowless walls.

Via EyePlus

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