Social media shows up in the courtroom

Credit: Maler Blog

This isn’t the sort of story we normally write about around here at DVICE, but it’s important to see how the technology we boast intersects with our daily lives. Recently in New York, that technology helped send 63 people to jail, many on counts of murder.

A few gangs of New York (movie title pun totally intended) had invented a code to discuss things like murder on social media. “Biscuit,” “thing-thing,” and “girlfriend” meant guns. Confusingly in its lack of ambiguity, “headshot” literally meant a head shot.

Some members of these gangs boasted about their criminal activity, actually confessing to some crimes via Facebook. Which was all the District Attorney needed to create a conspiracy case.

We discuss social media an awful lot around here, since so much of our new technology is so inherently tied to it. It has changed our daily life in innumerable ways, and this is yet another example.

Of course, back in the day, folks were arrested for bragging to their friends on the streets about their misdeeds. Now they’re just doing it on the Internet.

Via New York Daily News

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