Spain's human tower competition is an architectural marvel

Once every two years, unique architectural feats takes place in Spain, and they just might trump all of the gorgeous, contemporary architecture we've posted about lately. These are all-human structures, comprise of a mob of contortionists competing for the best tower made of people. It's called Concurs de Castells, and the last one took place in Tarragona, Spain on October 6 and 7. A total of 32 teams and thousands of observers gathered to participate in (or simply witness) this remarkable southern Catalonian spectacle.

These images come courtesy of Spanish photographer, David Oliete, who captured all of the action up-close. Basically, the higher and more complex the tower, the more points a team is awarded. Each tower consists of between 100 and 500 women and men that reach heights of six to ten "stories."

Don't miss Oliete's 2012 Concurs de Castells gallery and video after the jump.

David Oliete, via Design Boom

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