Smart Herb Garden does all the work for you

Mattias Lepp's Smart Herb Garden Kickstarter campaign has already received pledges totaling $230,646 from an original goal of just $75,000. That's over 300% funded, and the contribution deadline isn't until the end of April. So, what's so special about this herb garden? For the user, there's nearly no work required. You just plug it in, add water, and let the garden do the rest.

What's more interesting about this garden, though, is the material in which the herbs grow. Rather than a standard soil, Lepp and his team were inspired by NASA to think of new ways to optimize growth. The plants grow in nanomaterial that provides the perfect amount of oxygen and nutrients, meaning that there's no compacted soil that inhibits oxygen flow and no continuous watering that can wash away important nutrients. It also has a built-in light designed by some of the best LED companies in the world.

The Smart Herb Garden can grow up to three plants at one time. The beginner kit comes with basil, thyme and lemon balm, but there are refills of tomatoes, chili peppers and strawberries, as well. Hm, maybe even I can grow something with this kit.

Via Kickstarter

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