New video reveals more Google Glass interface secrets

Credit: Google

When Google took the wraps off its Glass demonstration video weeks ago, excitement surrounding the mysterious device ramped up. But while many have joined the company's program to become an early purchaser of the $1,500 device, most are still unaware of exactly how Glass works. This week Google posted a video revealing a little more detail on how Glass wearers will actually use the device in normal situations.

Recorded at the recent South by Southwest conference in Austin, Texas, the 50-minute presentation called "Building New Experiences with Glass" is led by Google Glass developer advocate Timothy Jordan. Geared more toward the developer community, the presentation is primarily focused on the Google Mirror API and how it can be used to create apps for the device.

However, Jordan did offer a few examples of how the API can be harnessed by showing off apps built by the New York Times, Google's Gmail team, Path, and Evernote. Turning on the device by looking up (as if looking up at a virtual data cloud), Jordan took audience members through a number of very specific functions that illustrate just how different the Glass interface is compared to anything we've used before.

If you have about an hour to spare or if you're curious on whether Glass will fit into your life, be sure to hit play on the video below. After all, it's just smart to know what $1,500 is and isn't going to get you.

Via Google

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