Check out Google co-founder Sergey Brin's pink Tesla Batmobile

Credit: Corey Tabaka

There's little question that the Tesla Model S is the most ballyhooed electric car in automobile history. I mean, the car has a massive 17-inch touchscreen on its dashboard. It's truly a car to behold, not just because it's all-electric, but because it lays the groundwork for a world filled with cars powered by cleaner energy.

And it's no secret that Sergey Brin, Google co-founder and huge proponent for Google Glass, drives a Tesla Model S. While Google was busy pranking everyone with its outrageous April Fool's Day antics, the company's Google X team decided to bastardize Brin's Model S in the best way possible, by wrapping his electric sedan in Barbie-colored vinyl.

As you can see in the photo above (provided by Corey Tabaka) and below (from Nathan Johns), Brin's pranked car also sports a Batman logo on its hood with matching bat fins, Chrome-d out rims (get it?), hideous car eyelashes, and flame decals on its side view mirrors.

Luckily, Brin didn't take the joke too seriously. He even took it for a spin while wearing his Google Glass! It's not even a contest: Brin wins hands-down for having the tackiest car in Silcon Valley.

Corey Tabaka, via The Next Web

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