Rape resistant lingerie zaps the attacker, texts the cops

Rape is one of the most brutal and heinous crimes imaginable. This undergarment is designed to disable the attacker with a powerful electric jolt, while letting the cops know where an attack has occured using GPS coordinates sent by text message.

The lingerie was invented by three engineering students at Sri Ramaswamy Memorial University in India, where violence against women has become a major problem. They say that most attacks against women begin with the assailant grabbing the woman around the neck and chest, so the garment protects that area. Pressure sensors trigger a high voltage power supply, which sends 3,800kV pulses through wires embedded in the bust area. A polymer lining protect the wearer from getting a shock themselves, which obviously would defeat the purpose of the garment.

At the same time as the attacker is being zapped, a cellular module determines the location of the attack with GPS, then sends to coordinates to the police so they can respond.

No word on when the garment may be commercially available, or how much it might cost.

Via Daily Mail

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