New ThrowBack app knows how much we love nostalgia

ThrowBack is a clever new app from programmer Calli Higgins that preys on our love of recalling memories — in a good way. Instead of saving a picture to your phone, ThrowBack uploads it to a server. Then, you can set a time frame anywhere from one month to five years in the future and ThrowBack will email you (and anyone else you want to share with) that crazy photo from that thing that time that you'd probably forgotten about.

The app allows you to more or less completely forget about a picture so that you can be surprised by it again in the future. Since many of us tend to overshare our personal lives with social media, this fun, free app adds a little mystery. Download ThrowBack here, but beware: the positive reviews indicate that it's easy to use and habit-forming.

ThrowBack, via Ubergizmo

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