Breath could be the key to identifying diseases in the body

Breath Could Be The Key to Identifying Diseases in the Body
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Your breath can say more about you than you think. Not only can it indicate if you've been eating garlic and onions, but it can also be used to identify you personally, as well as any diseases or illnesses you may be carrying. Researchers in Switzerland have recently discovered that an exhaled breath has markers that make all of this possible.

In their research, reported by PLOS ONE, the scientists analyzed samples of the exhaled breaths of volunteers with a mass spectrometer, a device that can detect very small amounts of individual chemicals and elements. The results showed that each sample contained a combination of components that were unique to a specific person. And although each breath’s components changed depending on time of day, there still remained a core signature that could identify the person it belonged to.

In the future, the researchers believe that this technique could also reveal drugs in the body, along with any biomarkers of diseases present. Earlier this year, for example, researchers used breath analysis to detect lung infections in mice, and a recent article in Journal of the American College of Cardiology reported findings that a simple breath test could even diagnose heart failure. Getting results from a breathprint could eventually take mere minutes, leading to earlier diagnosis for deadly diseases which may be caught in time to be successfully treated.


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