Twitter creator doesn't see the value of Google Glass

The apps that will drive Google Glass are slowing being revealed, with the New York Times offering a look at its app, and the Twitter Glass app supposedly being leaked in just the last few days. But in a new interview with Twitter's co-founder and creator, Jack Dorsey, we finally get to hear one of Silicon Valley's elite express a fair bit of doubt about the cutting-edge gadget.

In an interview with the New York Times, Dorsey said:

"I don’t think glasses are the answer. I think it might be a 10-year answer, but not in the next five years. Maybe if they’re in sunglasses or what not. I think the movement you see around Fitbit, Up and FuelBand, that seems to be the next step in wearable. So something on the wrist that feels natural, almost feels a bit like jewelry."

That last comment hints that Dorsey, an acknowledged Apple fan, may be hoping, like many Apple fans, that the company does, in fact, have a smartwatch in the works as recent rumors have indicated. That, or, perhaps he has access to some insider information regarding what Apple has up its proverbial sleeve. Interestingly, when pressed on the topic of smartwatches, Dorsey simply laughed and said, "I don’t know, I think there’s a lot going on…"

As for Glass, Dorsey, unlike some of the product's biggest cheerleaders in tech, doesn't seem to think that the device has a mainstream future. Dorsey said, "Glasses are very compelling and I think it’s an amazing technology, but I just can’t imagine my mom wearing them right now. What is the value of Glass?"

Via The New York Times

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