Paytouch lets you use your fingerprint to buy stuff

How much easier would shopping be if you could leave your cumbersome wallet at home? That's the idea behind Paytouch, a technology that allows you to shop more efficiently. All it takes is a quick fingerprint scan to make a purchase and then you're ready to hit the next store.

Paytouch works by connecting your card information to your personal fingerprint. That sounds pretty dangerous, though. It would be so much easier to overspend if every store started replacing the standard card readers with Paytouch scanners, don't you think? On the other hand (pun intended), it would definitely fend off pickpockets. But would it really be safer overall?

The Barcelona-based company is currently focused on selling their product at gas stations and grocery stores throughout Spain and they hope to expand to other parts Europe and to the United States next year. What do you think? Good idea or bad to tie down payments to fingerprints?

Engadget and Vimeo, via Daily Mail

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