How Google's self-driving cars see the world, think Terminator

One of the most recognizable visual tropes of science fiction is Terminator vision, a red-tinted, data overlay view that is meant to illustrate what the killer robot is seeing as its hunts its human prey. Now one of Silicon Valley's leading techies has posted what could be considered the visual equivalent for Google's much talked about self-driving cars.   

Gross, the long-time head of technology incubator Idealab, the organization behind a wide range of tech companies, posted the visual to his Twitter account earlier today. Accompanying the visual, Gross wrote, "Google's Self-Driving Car gathers almost 1GB per SECOND. Here's what it 'sees' making a left turn…" 

Gross doesn't explain where this recent visual comes from, but in the video below you can see an animated version of the graphic via a presentation made a couple of years ago by Chris Urmson, one of the project's early developers. As expected, Google's self-driving cars use a ton of sensors including lasers and radars to carefully react to pedestrians and streets accurately and safely.

Via Bill Gross

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