Gallery: Northern Lights glow over the Rocky Mountains

Credit: Richard Gottardo

Richard Gottardo is a versatile photographer who chases storms and hangs out in freezing tents in the Canadian Rockies to get his shots. Most recently, Gottardo holed up in the mountains near Revelstoke, British Columbia to get time-lapse pictures of the dazzling Northern Lights on display. It took five hours of driving to get to Revelstoke and a rented snowmobile trip to a higher elevation to get the best possible view.

It looks like his trip was successful judging by the gallery we found on Tumblr. The colors of the aurora are incredible and it doesn't hurt to have the picturesque Rocky Mountains thrown into the mix.

Check out a sample of Gottardo's hypnotic Rocky Mountain images in the gallery below and view his magical time-lapse video of the whole thing for an added bonus.

Vimeo and Richard Gottardo, via Tumblr

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