World Trade Center virtual tour reveals video walls and skypods

Well over a decade has passed since the tragic destruction of New York City's Twin Towers, with work on the planned replacement buildings moving forward slower than many expected. But the construction of the new World Trade Center appears to be nearing an end and now the developers have unveiled video imagery of what the inside of the structure will look like.

The video is essentially a virtual tour that focuses on what the developers call One World Observatory. Standing 1,250 feet high, the observation facility will tower over lower Manhattan as the area's tallest building and give visitors rare views of the city skyline. To get to the facility, visitors will first travel through a path of information walls displaying images of New York workers referred to as "Voices of the Building," as well as another museum-style path featuring archaeological details related to the site. 

In order to travel to the top of the building, visitors will ride in "Skypod" elevators that will zip passengers from the ground floor to the 100th floor in about 60 seconds, all while multimedia presentations are beamed on the elevator's walls. At the top, visitors will get to watch a film called See Forever, detailing the history of New York, after which the screen will retract to reveal panoramic views of the city. 

And while for many New Yorkers the building and the area still serve as somber reminders of a dark time in the city's history, this virtual tour offers a decidedly optimistic view of the site's future that may help to change some of those sentiments.

Via Port Authority

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