Lightsaber-wielding baby goes on an adorably lethal rampage

You probably think you've already seen all the cool and crazy things video effects hobbyists can do with a lightsaber. But you haven't seen it all until you've watched the lethal, yet cute antics of a lightsaber-wielding baby on the rampage.

Created by Jared and Joel Erickson, the clip is called Darth Baby's Lightsaber and it shows a toddler who has gotten his hands on a pint-sized version of every Jedi's favorite weapon. We're not sure if the main guy attempting to negotiate the lightsaber out of the baby's hand is the father or not, but he does a great job of showing what life might be like raising a kid gifted with midi-chlorians and in possession of the iconic laser sword.

According to the creators of the video, who apparently have experience working on big-budget films like Transformers: Dark of The Moon and G.I. Joe: Retaliation, the clip was shot using an iPhone and an Android phone, and edited using Adobe After Effects.

You can check out the Jedi-in-diapers run amok in the video below.

YouTube, via GeekTyrant

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