Google Glass may face competition from Chinese search engine

Credit: Google

It's too early to tell if wearing a computer on your face will be a total hit or a miss until Google Glass launches later this year. But at least one other company is quietly working on what could end up being a competitor.

Baidu, China's search engine equivalent to Google is supposedly testing a Google Glass-like gadget called "Baidu Eye" with an "ocular interface…built with LED" that will re-imagine new ways to conduct searches.

Speaking with TechCrunch, Baidu spokesperson Kaiser Kuo said:

"It’s all about visual search on images and voice command. These have been a part of science fiction since the Fifties but now they’re becoming reality.”

Kuo also disputes reports that Baidu is working with Qualcomm — a company that builds mobile processors for many smartphones and tablets — to cram a 12-hour battery into its device. Kuo says that rumor is purely fictional and the company isn't working with any hardware vendors (yet).

While it makes sense for Baidu to keep a close watch on what Google is doing with Glass and be on its feet, Kuo also cautions that Baidu Eye is a "small internal test" that the company is experimenting with as a potential product that may or may not ever be released.

If the Baidu Eye ever does make it out of in internal prototyping, we sure hope it costs less than the $1,500 Google is asking for Glass.

Via TechCrunch

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