Electric car concept recharges itself using only air and water

Most electric cars have a lithium-ion battery that needs to be recharged each time it's depleted, so plug-in hybrids like the Chevy Volt also have a gas engine to extend their range. Developed in Israel by a company called Phinergy, the all-electric "Air Car" puts a new spin on that type of thinking, with a regular lithium-ion battery for local trips, and a new type of sacrificial metal-air one for longer journeys.

The metal-air battery uses water as a catalyst, and slowly consumes its aluminum plates to generate power. Each of the 50 aluminum plates provides enough energy to drive 20 miles, so the entire metal-air battery adds about 1,000 miles to the car's range, on top of the 100 miles it gets from the lithium-ion battery. The idea is that you charge the lithium-ion battery from your house power for daily commuting, while the metal-air battery gives you the freedom to use the car on long trips.

Phinergy claims the Air Car could be available for purchase as soon as 2017. On another note, perhaps its mileage will be reported as MPAP — miles per aluminum plate? Check out the video to see the Air Car on the road.

Bloomberg TV, via Auto Blog Green

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