Bladeless wind turbine works without any moving parts

Credit: Mecanoo Architects / TU Delft

It may look like some sort of massive garlic press, but this is actually a model of a wind turbine without blades. In fact, it has no moving parts at all. Designed by Dutch architecture firm Mecanoo, the electrostatic wind energy converter (EWICON) prototype is currently on display at Delft University of Technology.

How does it work? In brief, it uses "particle movement" to generate energy, which is explained more fully in the video below. One major factor that has negatively influenced windmill installation in the United States is noise — a bladeless energy generator would pretty much negate these complaints. The EWICON also doesn't require as much maintenance as traditional windmills. Just imagine how this could be used in urban environments.

For more specifics, the video below explains the process very well.

YouTube, via Design Boom

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