Windows Phone spot features Apple vs. Samsung in epic smackdown

In the war for tech geek mindshare, Microsoft has never been shy about going after the competition. The best example of this is its recent Scroogled campaign designed to get Google users to switch to Bing. Reviews of that particular campaign have been mixed, but the company's latest commercial, which focuses on its Windows Phone operating system, is possibly the funniest tech commercial you'll see all year.

Created to promote the Nokia Lumia 920 running the Windows Phone OS, the commercial drops us into the middle of a wedding in which guests of the bride and groom are evenly divided into iPhone users and Samsung Galaxy users. A bit of tech-centric snark is exchanged and suddenly the entire wedding party erupts into a massive fight between users of the two platforms. In the middle of it all, two caterers calmly look on as they use their Nokia Windows Phone handsets.

While the commercial doesn't do much in terms of showing off the features of the Windows Phone operating system, it perfectly sums up the very real (although, generally not violent) tensions between the users of the two mobile phone platforms. The commercial is particularly interesting in that it puts Microsoft in the role of peace maker, when not too long ago such a commercial would have featured Apple versus Microsoft.

Whether or not this commercial is the most effective way to get you to try a Windows Phone is up for debate, but in terms of humor, I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that this may be the best Microsoft commercial I've ever seen. Keep your eye out for the emergence of Super-Apple-Man busting out of his suit — it's epic. You can check out the full spot in the video below.

Via YouTube

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