Vertical, modular kitchen of the future is here today

Credit: mocoloco

Looking at the Ecooking vertical kitchen, one might imagine it existing in the micro apartments of The Fifth Element (or Manhattan). But this isn't a design concept or some sci-fi mock-up. The Ecooking Vertical Kitchen is a real, working product that is currently making the expo rounds and is slated to begin production next year.

Contained in a minimal silver column, the Vertical Kitchen is everything you need from an entire room — along with a few extras. There's a fridge, a sink (with collapsible faucet), a stovetop, an oven, some counter space, a microwave, an espresso machine, a vent and an overhead light. Oh, and a dishwasher and dedicated space for a vertical garden.

The Vertical Kitchen includes more features than the average full-size kitchen, and it's still not the sum total of the column's wonders. Along with its extensive list of appliances, the Vertical Kitchen is also something of a marvel of sustainability. Tap water is recycled into the dishwasher and then used to water the vertical garden. Built-in solar panels help to power the electrical appliances. And the fan, used in most kitchens to simply remove smoke from the building, actually purifies the air.

There's no word yet on what the Ecooking Vertical Kitchen might cost when it hits the market, but with a list of features as long as the Vertical Kitchen is tall, you can bet that there'll be plenty of folks lined up to grab up their very own kitchen of the future just as soon as they can get their hands on one.

Via MoCo Loco

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