This Transformers/Star Trek crossover toy should be mass produced

Credit: Unicron9

Fans of Star Trek: The Next Generation know that the Enterprise can separate in times of peril. Well, one artist has taken that concept a giant leap forward with his creation of the "Autobot E." DeviantART artist TJ Wilferd's (aka Unicron9) awesome creation is the clever combination of two existing toys and a good amount of skill with a paint brush.

Wilferd has even provided the origin story for his Autobot Enterprise. We won't go into all the specifics of it here, but let's just say it involves the Borg, Cybertron and the crew of the Enterprise stumbling upon a bit of stunning alien technology. It's clear that the Autobot E was a labor of love and one that any fan of either Star Trek or Transformers would display with pride.

To see the work and detail he's put into his creation, check out the gallery below. For more details and the complete fan fiction inspired by the Autobot E, head on over to Unicron9's DeviantART page.

DeviantART, via Geekologie

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